How the Other Half Live: A Guide to Treating Yourself in London


When it comes to living in the lap of luxury, there is nowhere quite like London to indulge your ‘inner-millionaire’. Taking a huge amount of pride in the wealthy side of its heritage, the city has an abundance of extravagant activities just waiting to be sampled. The only thing that has changed now is that we can all join in the fun, with many of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants accepting bookings from those who wish to have a day of escapism and are prepared to front the cash for it. If you happen to be one of these lucky people then don’t miss our top picks of the most sought after ways to pamper yourself in our magnificent city…

Hire a chauffeur for the day
If we’re honest with ourselves, there is only one desirable way to get around London and that is in a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. Of course, this doesn’t come cheap with prices averaging out at £1000 per day but realistically is this an experience you’re ever going to forget?

Champagne Picnic, Duke’s London, Mayfair
A particularly good choice for anyone wanting to impress, Duke’s Hotel have come up with the genius idea of packing a champagne picnic for you at the very high-class price of £39.50 per person.

Gir Lion Lodge, London Zoo
If you prefer the extravagance of having places to yourself then London Zoo are very happy to accommodate with their luxury Gir Lion Lodges, which are set in amongst the animals with 5-star amenities. All this for the mere price of £438 a night.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden, Kings Road
Best enjoyed in the summer, anyone who’s anyone can be found dining at the Ivy Chelsea Garden. You might be surprised to hear that the menu isn’t that unreasonable but the hard part is finding a time they have a free table.

The Wolesley, Picadilly
Still the ultimate London ‘see-and-be-seen’ venue, the Wolesley hasn’t lost any of its pulling power to the affluent masses since the iconic 1920s building was renovated back in 2003. Just keep your eyes on the middle of the restaurant where they seat the most important celebrities.

Dinner on the mezzanine. Photograph by @pswhitbread

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Tonteria, Sloane Square
What goes on inside this place is probably too debaucherous to show you but that is probably why you’ll find the likes of Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie partying away in this well-kept secret, hidden right in the heart of Sloane Square.

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