London’s Best Christmas Lights

Amanda Gegg, November 2017

If I were to choose one reason to visit London over the festive season – and believe me there are many – it would be the Christmas lights. Ok, so they might not be done on the exact same scale as somewhere like New York, but, what you can absolutely guarantee is that each part of London will incorporate its very own unique twist, which is actually a hallmark of the city in general. After all, no one could ever accuse us of not being original, so here is just a small pick of some of the best places to witness some yuletide magic…

Carnaby Street
If colour and excitement are your thing then there is no better place to visit at Christmas than Carnaby Street. After last year’s hugely successful 60s-inspired revolution theme, this year the retro shopping destination will be adorned with lively ‘Christmas Carnival’ installations.

Oxford Street
Probably the most renowned and spectacular Christmas lights in the whole of London, there’s a reason why millions of people descend on London’s shopping capital every year to see the unveiling of its remarkable lights.

The Enchanted Woodland, Syon Park
Just a regular (albeit very pretty) park by day, for the month of November Syon Park will once again be transforming in to ‘The Enchanted Woodland’ as soon as darkness falls. Just be sure to take your time about walking around or it will be over all too quickly.

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Covent Garden
As one of London’s most popular attractions – some might say enough to rival other Christmas markets in Europe – the beautiful cobbled piazza of Covent Garden will once again be coming to life this year with a magical mistletoe-inspired theme.

Seven Dials
Tucked just around the corner from Covent Garden, you can find a slightly less busy but just as impressive festive light installation in shopping neighbourhood Seven Dials. This year the grand opening will take place on Thursday 16th November with the help of alternative choir ‘Some Voices’.

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The Shard
Never a place to do things by halves (what with being the tallest building in London and all), throughout the whole month of December if you look up at the spire of the Shard after dark you’ll be treated to an impressive mixture of laser beams, flashes and sparkles.

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