London’s Most Beautiful Streets

Amanda Gegg, November 2017

Now we all know that London is one of the most cosmopolitan, up-to-the-minute cities in the world, but there are some people who might not be aware quite how much beauty it has to offer. For me personally the most remarkable thing about this city is that it’s most magnificent spectacles can sometimes be lingering in the most unsuspecting of places. Don’t believe us? Why not check out the evidence for yourselves with our list of London’s prettiest streets…

Elizabeth Street, Belgravia
A personal favourite of mine, Elizabeth Street (home to the very Instagram-friendly Peggy Porschen cakes) is one of the few places in Central London to have maintained the ambience of a village community, with gorgeous individually decorated cafes and boutiques.

Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden
You could be forgiven for missing Neal’s Yard, seeing as it is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden’s central piazza. But, as you can see, this vibrant back street is well worth a visit, not least for the uplifting feeling that comes with seeing all of those colourful walls together.

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Burlington Arcade, Mayfair
A perfect choice for those wanting to experience the finer things in life, the mid-19th century ‘Burlington Arcade’ makes you feel like you are stepping back in time. It also plays host to a range of seasonally-inspired art installations.

Kynance Mews, Paddington
It’s certainly worth noting that Kynance Mews comes in to its own in the autumn when its beautifully red leaves morph the traditional white mews houses in to a work of art.

Bathurst Mews, Paddington
Another one of Paddington’s hidden secrets, Bathurst Mews is so unbelievably well kept by the residents that it is considered by many to be a horticultural treasure all on its own.

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Bywater Street, Chelsea
London certainly isn’t short of exquisitely painted rows of houses but few have captured the unique charm quite so effectively as the pastels of Bywater Street. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these can be found in one of the most affluent areas of the city, just off King’s Road in Chelsea.

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