Something fishy’s going down on the Southbank

Carly-Ann Clements, November 2017

Face it. Going down the pub after work and onto some dodgy club until dawn has become a bit of a snooze fest. There’s more to a good Friday night than drinking like a fish followed by a chaser of jelly legs. Don’t get hooked on routine. There’s another way to live the life aquatic.

On Friday December 22, the world famous aquarium SEA LIFE London will be flooded by revelers for an adults-only, after hours silent disco where party animals can grab a set of headphones and live like a mermaid for the night. There will be three themed music channels to choose from so you can dance to Tay Tay while your pal gets down to Stormzy.

The event takes place next to the giant tanks which means you can marvel at the incredible marine life while doing the two-step into the night. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore other parts of the aquarium – including the recently opened jelly fish exhibition – without a pram, screaming child or angry parent in sight. Gaze upon the majestic sharks, tranquil turtles and graceful stingrays without feeling guilty that you’ve blocked a child’s view and shake that tail fin like it ain’t no thing.

Although, why would you want to leave London? Ever? Tickets to this unique party on the Southbank are £29 and include a welcome drink and access to the exhibitions. For more info or to book click here.

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