Stranger Things to do in London

Lulu Le Vay, November 2017

If you haven’t caught the science fiction horror bug with the new Stranger Things season on Netflix, then you’ve been living under a rock. Embrace all things 1980s with our special Stranger Things-inspired things to do in London.

Top Shop
In a dazzling move, Top Shop have run with all things Stranger Things with a range of products. You can shop the 1980’s look with cropped bomber jackets, vinyl leggings and floral blouses, and for the younger consumers there are branded backpacks, lunch boxes and baseball caps. Our favourite has to be the Barb ‘never forget’ t-shirt – one of the less featured characters in the show which has fast-gained iconic status. You have the outfit, now you just need the hair…

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We Are Cuts
One of the best bits about Stranger Things is the haircuts. You can almost smell the hairspray through the TV screen. Feathered, permed, mullets-a-go-go – which one is your look? So, if you feel like stepping back in time and taking retro chic to the extreme, make a booking at the iconic 1980s hairdressers Cuts in Soho and ask them to sprinkle some nostalgic magic on your locks. Think of the decade’s greatest icons – Bowie, Madonna, George Michael and Prince.

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Lucky Chip
Spooky story means spooky food, and the clever Lucky Chip franchise has jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon with their inspired menu. With sites in Islington, Camden and Shoreditch, expect a light-hearted culinary take on the hit Netflix show. You can get your geek fix with the Nancy and Mad Max beef burgers, the Up Fried Down chicken burger and stranger wings, the Bob Newby onion rings and the chilli Demodog. Get stuck in, and you never know what (or who) might be knocking on the window during your meal. There’s even a warning that says: ‘if you have any allergens to food or parallel dimensions please ask your waiter’.

The BMX Track
Getting nostalgic for those golden days when you’d hit the road with your pals thinking you were in ET? Well, there’s nothing stopping you, and you can drag along your kids as well as a cover for your own BMX kicks. Burgess Park is a gem. It has one of the largest BMX tracks in the UK at 350 metres with three metre high berms. Its 70 metre pro straight is one of the most challenging in the country, with only a handful of riders being able to jump it. The track caters for a range of levels, from novice coaching, school holiday clubs, women only, and sessions where you just turn up and ride. It’s also home to the infamous Peckham BMX Club.

Stranger Things Quiz & 80s Jam
Reckon you know everything about Stranger Things? Well, time to put the money where your mouth is at this quiz dedicated to both seasons. The World’s End in Finsbury Park will host this special event on Sunday November 26th. If you win the 4 rounds of nerdy quiz questions you will score yourself a tasty £50 cash prize, and if that isn’t enough, there is 1980’s inspired live music jam straight after. Book a table to ensure entry.

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