Stretch out your week with Disco Yoga


If you’re more namst-hey than namaste, zen-filled yoga classes may not be for you. But you can still get your stretch on without feeling out of your depth with a class at Disco Yoga.

Salute the sun, pose like a cat and get downward facing dog to a soundtrack of disco songs that’ll add a bit of funk to your work out. Advertised as yoga for “a new generation of ‘mindful drinkers’ as well as those who simply want fitness to be fun and uplifting”, creators and full-time disco divas Rosie Barker and Sarah Hunt know the importance of having fun while working out. Particularly to millennials. Having done the rounds on the festival circuit during the summer, they’ve helped the trend-seeking, hungover hoards find bliss while staying in the party spirit and in shape all over the country.

Taking place at a bar with the option to “glitter up” before class begins, Disco Yoga is seriously throwing out the rule book along with the white trousers and adding a load of glam to these classes. After you’ve warmed up, loosed those muscles, sweat glitter buckets and shaken off your work stress, the fun continues with a post-class, healthy disco-themed cocktail and the opportunity to mingle with your classmates.

Taking place every Tuesday at Trapeze bar in Shoreditch, Disco Yoga gives newbies, avid posers or full-on yogis a groovy workout and a chance to relax their mind, body and soul in a completely new way.

Tickets are £15. Find out more info or book a place here.

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