Sweet chees-us. There’s a pop-up halloumi restaurant coming to London

CARLY – ANN CLEMENTS, October 2017

It often feels like you can’t venture onto Facebook without seeing some kind of video, article or declaration of love about cheese. And there’s a good reason. It’s bloody amazing. But one type cheese is often overlooked. The cheese that’s always there for you – whether it’s burger time, salad hour or BBQ season – is never praised or ranked number one. We’re talking about halloumi.

Thankfully, the folks at Cyprus Tourism Organisation are saying no to this unfounded neglect of their national cheese and opening a halloumi pop up restaurant for one week only.
From November 13-19, you can wander into 100 Hoxton and yell “hallou-mi” without facing an onslaught of rolling eyes because everyone there will be there for the same reason: to enjoy the salty goodness in all its glory. Serving a menu especially created for the event by chef Francis Puyat, every dish – both savoury and sweet – will feature halloumi. That includes halloumi ice cream… something we never thought of but we’re dying to try.

Single dishes cost anything from £5-£7 and there’s also a sharing platter for two at £26. Cypriot cocktails will also be available to purchase to round off the happiest day in any cheese lover’s life.

To find out more, click here.

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