Unlimited pizza, bottomless booze and hip-hop karaoke? We’re there!

Unlimited brunches are still all the rage in London. But sitting in a stuffy restaurant trying to remember your table manners while downing a gallon of prosecco isn’t always the most relaxing or dignified affair. Sack off the high heels and tie. Reject the knife and fork. Say ‘hell nah’ to snooty waiters you know are judging you. It’s time for Total Overdough.

To say goodbye to summer 2017, Overdough will be hosting their fifth and final pizza party of the year on Saturday September 16. Taking place at legendary venue Proud Camden, there will be four rooms offering up entertainment, food and a ridiculous amount of booze. As well as DJs playing across the Roof Terrace, Stables and Main Gallery, there will be a stage for all the brave/drunk souls willing to rock the mic at hip-hop karaoke.

Entertainment is nice and all, but let’s face it, you’re here for the ‘za. There are 5,000 slices of pizza already ordered from Homeslice which are set to feed 1,000 partygoers. Considering the size of Homeslice’s insanely delicious pizzas, that’s a pretty generous ratio. And to get you in the all-day raver spirit and help you wash down all that carby, cheesy goodness, you can also enjoy bottomless cocktails, too.

Anything goes on the day – when it comes to dress code at least. All the organisers ask is that you turn up on time. Things kick off at 12pm with pizza being served from 1.30pm – 2.30pm. If you miss your window, you’re out of luck and no one wants to be at a pizza party on an empty stomach.

Tickets to this gluttonous outdoor party are just £15 which includes all your pizza, cocktails and entertainment. Plus, they’ve promised a few more surprises on the day.

To find out more and get tickets, click here.

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