You’re having a giraffe! A Robot Zoo?

Carly-Ann Clements, October 2017

Okay, parents. It’s time to use your kids as an excuse to check out something incredibly awesome. The Horniman Museum has a legit Robot Zoo that will make anyone wish they had a kid just so they can visit themselves.

The pop-up exhibit is larger-than-life and has mechanical animals expertly crafted from familiar machine parts and gadgets to depict real life counterparts. But the sheer spectacle isn’t the draw here. Not only is there a robotic giraffe, a squid with 18-foot tentacles and a giant ant, there’s a giant chameleon that changes colours with the flick of a switch using LED lights and a world of fun that will educate as well as entertain.

Teaching your children all about how animals move, see, hear and hunt, plus letting them witness the fascinating mechanical contraptions in action, this exhibition will completely wow them… and probably teach you a thing or two in the process. There’s plenty of hands-on fun to be had with interactive games and challenges, too. From squid racing to designing your own ‘mutant’ robot creature, it’ll ignite the imagination and a passion for science.

The exhibit closes on October 29 and tickets are £7 for adults and £4 for children. Just be ready to relive all of your adventures time and time again because this is all your kid will want to talk about for weeks. And we don’t blame them.
Visit the Horniman Museum Here.

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